Janica her documentaries reveal her love and fascination for people, especially those who are different or special, as well as human behaviour and communication, primarily through body language and without words.

The films have been shown all over the world in festivals, on television, in museums and galleries. They feature in the collection of the Cinemathèque de la Danse in Paris and of the Netherlands Film Museum (Eye Film Institute) in Amsterdam.

Selection of films

Crossing my lips / Over mijn lippen (script and direction)

A musical documentary with and about people who stutter, giving us insight in their unusual way of speaking.

Awards and nominations:

  • Winner EPTAS (Every Picture Tells a Story) competition, Dutch Film Fund
  • Nomination Best Short Documentary at the Dutch Film Festival 2005
  • NPS New Arrivals Prize February 2006

Information & sales:

The Wondrous (concept, camera and direction)

Intimate and poetic portrait of mentally handicapped, in which movement and body language reveals their hidden universe to us, developed in collaboration with visual artist Berend Strik.

Ea Sola – Draught and Rain / Ea Sola – Sécheresse et Pluie (script, direction, production)

Portrait of the French-Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola and the creation of her performance ‘Sécheresse et Pluie’ in which coping with war trauma is the main theme.

A co-production of Dasarts, NPS Television, Draft Foundation and Springdance.