Art and dance films

Janica describes her films as ‘Cinematographic Choreographies’ or ‘Visual Poems’. She made her first 16mm dance films during her study at the Rietveld Academy of arts, using photography and animation techniques and also featuring in the films herself. The films were described as dance films at a time that the genre hardly existed. They are highly personal and original.

The films feature in the collection of the Cinemathèque de la Danse in Paris and of the Netherlands Film Museum (Eye Film Institute) in Amsterdam.

Selection of films

Sonata do mar / Sonata of the sea (concept, direction, choreography, camera)

Computer animation inspired by the poem With not-quite truth by Czeslaw Milosz. Three perform a virtual choreography on the sea. They dance on the water without being limited by gravity, physical restrictions, time or space. They are timeless and eternal. Developed in collaboration with Albert Jan van der Stel, using the computerprogram Life Forms.


  • Special Mention at Media Dance Festival, Paris, 1999

La Balayeuse / The street-sweeper (script, direction, leading role)

First short film about a street-sweeper living under a bridge in Paris.

Bala II (script, direction, choreography, leading role)

Second short film about the street-sweeper, now arriving in Holland.

Commissioned by Prince Bernhard Foundation.


  • Prix du publique, Danse Visions Festival 1994, Nantes, France
  • Springdance Cinema Prize 1995, Utrecht, Netherlands