Welcome to the official website of Janica Draisma

Janica Draisma is photographer, filmmaker and scriptwriter. She is currently based in Amsterdam where she has her studio and also runs her production company Draft Foundation.

Janica was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and grew up in Zambia, after which she moved to the Netherlands.

She studied visual arts, painting, filmmaking and scriptwriting, as well various movement techniques and classical singing, thus mastering a broad area in the field of art.

Her work is international, reflecting exposure to and interest in different cultures. Apart from Amsterdam, Janica also lived and worked in Paris, Rome, Lisbon and Tokyo amongst others.

How do we express our identity, what strategies do we develop in order to survive, how do we change or transform, how do we interact with each other and with the world, are issues Janica deals with in her work. In the end it is all about communication and dialogue.

Possessing the rare quality to unveil her subjects and making an inner world or personal universe visible, Janica her work moves audiences and stimulates the spectator to view things in a different or new way.